2019 Team


Dentists not only provide patient care but also manage a business. With general dentists’ median incomes 15% lower today, then they were in 2005, dentists face increasing pressures to improve practice profitability. As a result, general dentists are often forced to balance revenue generation with high-quality patient care. This often results in an overtreatment of cavities while other diseases go underdiagnosed.  However, if you look at any successful practice, they provide exceptional quality of patient care to improve patient loyalty and provide comprehensive care to improve revenues.

Overjet’s software analyzes clinical data and combines this with financial data to identify comprehensive care opportunities which have been overlooked such as preventive care (deep cleanings) for periodontal diseases. This improve both patient care as disease is treated in time and practice revenue as these procedures can be billed for.

In the US $130B are spent annually on dental services and dental expenditure is among the 5 most costly expenditures by healthcare conditions. Providing the right care on time can save the patient pain and cost.  While the general dentist can earn more revenue as additional procedures can be done by them and more cases can be treated in-house rather than referring them to specialists.

Team Lead
Wardah Inam


MIT Hacking Medicine

Lead Mentor
Barry Stein