Each team must complete a Project Application and registrations for each team member. Teams can register up to six members.

1. Begin the project application form.

The project description comprises your application to the IDEA² program. We recommend you create a name and password, so you can return to your application in progress.

Once you submit the project description form, you will receive an email that includes a reference number and a copy of submitted description. This reference number is important: it should be included on the registration for each participating team member. Note that submissions are not considered final until the applications close and while applications are open, you are permitted to modify your submission.

Preview the project application

Project application

2. Each team member must complete a personal profile.

The team member registration form is used to provide contact information and a personal profile for team members who wish to participate. As noted above, each member will need to include the reference number from the project description in order to submit. We recommend team members create a name and password, so they can save their progress before final submission.

Download the biosketch template PDF

Team member registration