2022 Team

My Oxygen System: MOSY

We all have a family member who suffers from something as common as asthma, pneumonia, or COPD, who most likely needs oxygen after an attack. This is the case for 300 million people in the world with respiratory diseases even before the pandemic; from those amount of people 50%, after a crisis, arrive at hospitals and oxygen therapy is always the first option for early treatment. This treatment that lasts between 10 to 15 days can cost in Peru between 20 to 30 thousand soles (5 - 6 thousand dollars), and even in the United States up to an average of 25 thousand dollars.

The manual regulation used today to provide oxygen therapy requires personnel to be present at all times, which can cause problems in the lungs and even oxygen intoxication and even death. However, it has been shown, through preliminary data, that a re-fed oxygen system can reduce hospitalization time by 30%, from 10 days to 7 days.

My Oxygen System (MOSY) is an innovative medical device that seeks to transform the lives of patients with respiratory diseases. MOSY automates real-time oxygen therapy, based on the patient's needs and what is established by the doctor, reducing hospitalization time by 30%. With MOSY, patients will finally receive personalized therapy for their ailments, while reducing the physician's workload.

Team Lead
Leslie Yessenia Cieza Huane

Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú

Lead Mentors
Norberto Malpica
Mike Dempsey

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