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AI Pelvic Floor

AI-Driven Revolution: Dynamic Pelvic Floor Injury Risk Calculator for Maternal Health

The risk of pelvic floor injuries during childbirth is a significant concern in maternal healthcare. These injuries can result in long-lasting, distressing consequences, including prolapse and fecal and urinary incontinence. These consequences significantly affect the quality of life, and many women require medical treatment, including surgery. In the US, the cost of surgical management for pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence is estimated to be over 2B USD. From a global perspective, pelvic floor injuries impact millions of women. The effects can be devastating for women in areas with scarce medical resources.

Our project aims to address the critical issue of intrapartum prevention of pelvic floor injuries during childbirth by developing an innovative AI-powered solution. This solution will serve as a dynamic program that can be utilized by healthcare staff to assess the risk of pelvic floor injuries in real-time during labor and delivery, enabling correct interventions to prevent injuries.

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Rocio Montejo

Sahlgreska Hospital

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