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Regeneration of bed sores through rapid vascularization

In modern healthcare, pressure ulcers, commonly referred to as bedsores, remain a formidable challenge in clinical settings. Bedsores develop due to prolonged pressure on specific body areas, leading to tissue damage that escalates into severe wounds. It's crucial to understand the difference between normal bedsores and the more critical stage 3/4 bedsores. While normal bedsores can be painful and inconvenient, stage 3/4 bedsores are characterized by extensive tissue damage, open wounds, and a significantly higher risk of life-threatening infections.

Our team’s proposed solution to tackle stage III/IV bedsores is to develop a novel injectable hydrogel, capable of inducing rapid angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels and vascularization) for blood flow within the deep wound.

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Varun Shah

Boston University

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