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A new platform for rationally designed vaccines and therapeutics

In 2023 alone, a staggering estimate suggests that over 18 million individuals will die due to infectious diseases and cancer. A significant contributor to this grim statistic is our lack of effective vaccines for many of these diseases. This deficiency largely stems from challenges in eliciting a robust cellular immune response.

The global community is now echoing a collective call to action: to harness the latest breakthroughs in immunology and craft the next generation of vaccines that are not only safe and effective but also cost-efficient.

At SphereBio, we are poised to redefine vaccine development. We began with baculoviruses as vectors to amplify cellular immune responses. By targeting dendritic cells for antigen presentation via the Class I major histocompatibility complex, we can elicit responses 30,000 times more potent than subunit vaccines. This has provided defense against diverse tumor models and diseases, achieving a 92% efficacy rate against Chagas disease with a virulent strain in mice. Building on this, we're developing a platform based on Virus-like particles (VLPs). This platform, anchored by SphereBio, promises streamlined regulatory approvals and efficient production.

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Guido Nicolás Molina

Spinally Medical SL

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