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Neuronal stimulation to improve therapy efficacy and to enhance patients' quality of life by managing pain

Chronic pain has been one of the most prevalent chronic diseases, but its prevalence has seen a significant acceleration in recent years. Alarming statistics indicate that chronic pain in the U.S. alone, surged by more than 8% between 1997-2014. There are several reasons for this increase, with the most crucial factors being the aging population, rising number of patients with conditions leading to pain, and lifestyle.

Based on research, publications, and Dr. Carles García-Vitoria's years of experience in the operating room, we have developed the SCS electrode that serves as a power carrier directly to the spinal cord, enhancing the effectiveness of electrical stimulation. Our product will be a Class II medical device (SCS with an external battery) offering differential neuromodulation capabilities through intrathecal stimulation, to optimise performance while minimising invasiveness.

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Pawel Soluch

Spinally Medical SL

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