IDEAspark Cantabria 2019

Diagnosis VR

Next steps

What are your specific (measurable) short term (6 mo) goals?

  1. Ask doctors if they have troubles at viewing some 3D content. In that case ask for what content is difficoult to view and why.
  2. Ask doctors if they usually work with 3D models.
  3. Test our 3D viewer with doctors and ask them if the visualization en VR is good for them.
  4. Test a wide variety of models (different sizes, textures, position in space...) to check what content is more suitable for VR.
  5. Ask doctors if they have access to those 3D models (or they are able to create them).

What is your time line (6 mo)?  List specific dates by which you aim to complete goals and sub-goals.

  1. Validation of the product
  2. Talk to doctors (50!!)
    2.1 Surgeons
    2.2 Doctors that usually work with 3D models
  3. Attend medical conferences
    3.1 For example RSNA