2022 Team


Biologic pharmaceutical compounds that are produced through cultures (vaccines, immunotherapies, cancer treatments, etc.) have increased drastically over the last decades, but their manufacturing processes can take up to several weeks inside bioreactors. Currently, bioreactors, which are very expensive, can be constrained by productivity and quality challenges (a recent example could be the problem that the World has been suffering regarding the pace at which the Covid-19 vaccine has been produced). For biologic manufacturing, productivity, quality (shear stress, homogeneity, aeration in large bioreactors...) and time-to-market are critical to success.

Using our knowledge of fluid dynamics, Biomixing has developed innovative bioreactors and components that address a key barrier to production and increased yields. Our impact on society comes through our contribution to accelerating the development and production of vaccines and other drugs and to improve the time-to-market of new pharma products, which could save lives and suffering.

Team Lead
Ines Herrero

Universidad Pablo de Olavide

Lead Mentors
Andrea Pomerantz
Jason Tucker Schwartz

Review Materials
BioMixing oral presentation

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