2022 Team

BP Support Frame

Working at the Boston VA Healthcare center we are presented daily with Veterans who have significant health issues. Once such illness is hypertension which was a leading cause of death for over 500,000 people in 2019 per the Center for Disease Control. This is a preventable illness that can be easily address by checking the blood pressure daily, modifying diet, and taking medication as directed by the doctor.

Most people have seen medical staff having to use 2 hands to apply a blood pressure cuff when they go in for a medical appointment. So if the medical staff need 2 hands then how are Veterans who were injured in combat and have partial or full loss of fingers, hands and arms going to do this? Not only are they impacted but what about others who have suffered a stroke, have arthritis, or were born with physical deformities going to do this?

We have developed a blood pressure frame that is small enough for home use and that will hold the cuff open so the person can slide their arm into the cuff by themselves. Market research has found no similar items currently available or in development for home use.

Team Lead
Kimberly Jones

Boston VA Healthcare

Lead Mentors
David Rothkopf
Mercedes Balcells

Commencement Materials