2022 Team


Historically, BIPOC communities and other marginalized communities have faced trouble finding accessible culturally competent care providers that they feel they can trust and communicate with. This leads to worse health outcomes and dampens patient-provider relationships and affects every aspect of the healthcare ecosystem. Mitigating this issue would mean more minorities feel comfortable and heard when talking to their care provider, more immigrant family members can unapologetically learn about first world health standards that they might not have been taught elsewhere, and that industry-wide oppressed patients can take control of their care in ways they have not been able to before.

CareBridge is a mobile and online platform that allows patients who need assistance managing their care, beyond the occasional check-in appointment, to connect with health advocates. These health advocates will consist of medical students, community health volunteers, and medically-experienced individuals.

Once on the platform, the patients are algorithmically matched to a health advocate who shares a similar cultural, linguistic, or ethnic background through an initial questionnaire. The advocates will reach out to the patients periodically to check-in through chat features and walk patients through their progress in ongoing care plans as well as discuss daily health protocols, etc.

Team Lead
Ujjayi Pamidigantam

University of Pennsylvania

Lead Mentors
Peter Bryant
Wolfgang Krull

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