2019 Team

Script Health

Our firm recognizes that healthcare innovation is important, but healthcare delivery saves lives. There are certain medications that, in 2019 it doesn’t make sense that all Americans don’t have equal access to. We consider these essential, and life-saving meds.

Script Health is a Public Benefit Corporation that reduces the barriers to accessing essential, and life-saving prescription medications by allowing for easy online purchase. We create strategic partnerships to allow a direct to consumer model for patients to receive their medication online, with no prescription necessary.

Our first service is Naloxone Exchange, an online marketplace where you can purchase the life-saving opioid antidote Naloxone, receive effective training on how to use it, and have it shipped straight to their door. We’ll be launching this service across 25 states within the next month, and are excited to expand our product selection to include other essential and life-saving medications (i.e. Epipen, insulin)

Team Lead
James Lott

University of Chicago

MIT Hacking Medicine

Lead Mentor
Mike Dempsey