2019 Team


Ecohydros is launching a new line of business related to the development and application of different services based on environmental DNA (eDNA) techniques for monitoring biodiversity in aquatic ecosystems.

The european regulations for the protection of aquatic ecosystems require the establishment of surveillance and monitoring procedures. However, the current monitoring techniques of species and biological communities in water bodies are highly conditioned by many factors in aquatic ecosystems there are external factors that can limit the access to information, for example depth, changes of flow, floods, droughts, farming or factory’s discharges, pollution, etc. It greatly limits the amount of information that it can be obtained, that in turn generates critical deficits in the management capacity.

The development in recent years of new methodologies, such as genetic identification, is helping to provide new biodiversity information. The recent alternative of eDNA identification is emerging as the best option for large-scale detection and monitoring of threatened or protected species, as well as invasive species, also even for monitoring the ecological status of different types of water bodies.

The innovation provided by eDNA techniques is to offer species detection and monitoring services using highly sensitive, efficient, non- invasive or harmful techniques to monitor protected or threatened species, as well as very sensitive methods for early detection of invasive species.

The present project will give the possibility of setting a novel, pioneering technique, in international grow, scientifically validated that offers multiple added values in its application in the monitoring of species.

Team Lead 
Laura Miralles



Lead Mentor
Michael Woonton