2019 Team


At DARWIN Biomedical, we are designing and developing a smart rollator that prevents users from falling and adapts to their needs in real time, the MODEL1.

We aim to eliminate or minimize the risk of falls that users of canes, rollators or wheelchairs have during the use of this kind of devices during their daily activities. Furthermore, we want to reduce the physical effort required that those devices require by assisting (not replacing) the user during their movements.

On a first approach, we identified three major groups that could benefit from this technology: Parkinson's disease patients, traumatic brain injury patients and elder people. We have made several researches quantifying the users a device like ours can be suitable for, from which we have obtained the following data: more than 6,5 millions of Parkinson's disease patients, over 70 millions per year of people affected by traumatic brain injury and almost 1.000 millions of elder people, all of these related to global population.

Team Lead
Adrian Jimenez Loygorri

Public University of Navarre

MIT Institute for Medical Engineering and Science (IMES)

Lead Mentors
Pamela Bellino
Stephan Gaehde