2022 Team

Heuristik Health

The WHO has recognised patient safety as one of the main challenges of today’s society. In Europe 145,000 patients die every year due to identification errors which represents a market cost of €64B. In the US, identification errors are the third cause of death, just behind strokes and diabetes, killing 250,000 patients per year and with a market cost of $400B. These statistics show that the current patient identification methods—bracelets and health cards—are not efficient enough. A new way to identify and manage patients is required.

Heuristik Health is a 360º solution to help health staff identify & manage their patient portfolio combining fingerprint identification and artificial intelligence. Fingerprints are individual, non-transferable and inherent to each person so that they are the gold standard tool for the patient identification.

Team Lead
Antxon Caballero


Lead Mentors
German Gonzalez Serrano
Bjoern Eskofier