2021 Team

Fast T4 care thyroid

Hypothyroidism and hypothyroxinemia are prevalent conditions in pregnancy that irreversible impair the proper development of the fetus. These conditions are responsible for psychomotor problems, attention-deficit, hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), low intellectual quotient, and increased risk of autism and schizophrenia in the offspring. The detection and diagnosis of these conditions in pregnancy is so slow that when pregnant women start the treatment the fetus has been affected already. Our team designed FAST T4, a rapid and auto applicable device for the pregnant women to check at any time in pregnancy whether they are at risk of suffering these conditions. The use of this device will help thousands of pregnant women to prevent the detrimental consequences in their cognitive capacities of the offspring by detecting earlier hypothyroidism or hypothyroxinemia.

Team Lead
María Cecilia Opazo

Universidad Andrés Bello (Chile)

Lead Mentors
Norberto Malpica
David Rothkopf