2021 Team

INIA Biosciences

Every year, 100,000 kidney transplants are performed worldwide at an economic burden of $40B. Unfortunately, up to 30% of people who receive a kidney transplant will experience rejection. To prevent this, the patient's  immune system needs to be maintained within a narrow physiological range. If there is too much immune suppression, the patients are susceptible to infection and cancers. If there is too little, they will reject their kidney. Therefore, the perfect solution to maintain this balance is in the field of bioelectronics.

There is strong evidence that ultrasound can stimulate the immune system and maintain this balance. INIA Biosciences is developing a home-administered bioelectronic ultrasound device to dampen the immune system while using biomarkers as feedback. The technology will be integrated with a digital health platform with AI-powered diagnostic analytics.

Currently, we are filing our preliminary patent while seeking pre-seed funding to complete a few proof of concept experiments with our established partners at the Brigham (see one of many email exchanges). After our POC, we will develop the MVP and begin clinical trials and file for FDA approval. Based on this timeline, INIA forecasted a positive cash flow by year five and has the potential to expand to new customer segments to include other chronic inflammatory diseases, such as inflammatory bowel disease, autoimmune disorders, and even Alzheimer's disease.
INIA's  mission is to ensure that no organ goes waste. We believe that our ultrasound-based platform technology could set a new standard of care for non-invasive treatments.

Team Lead
Shen Ning

INIA Biosciences

Lead Mentors
Wolfgang Krull
Alfredo Koning
Azahara Rodriguez Luna