2021 Team

Skin Spray Gun (Footshot)

For Plastic Surgeons, it's a challenge to get enough healthy skin of the same patients to cover large wounds during skin transplantation surgery after a major accident. Today their best option is to use skin grafting, it is a surgical procedure in which a piece of skin is transplanted from healthy area to wound area, which has challenges, including availability and usability of donor skin, donor site pain, hospitalization costs, and the need for multiple procedures. This can lead to poor outcomes or even death. Thus there is a need to provide an easy and simple procedure to cover the large wound in case of emergency. If this were solved there would be a decrease in donor skin, pain, hospitalization time and total treatment cost, and deaths due to preventable conditions. Solving this need can be achieved by developing a compact, portable surgical device that allows for an easy and simple procedure to spray skin tissues directly on the second-degree burn, and will be demonstrated by a single click and applied at the point of care in as little as 20 minutes with none of the pain of stitches.